At the end of The Fast and the Furious Brian let Dom escape in the Supra they restored together, but it doesn’t appear again in the series – so what happened to it? The 2001 action film concerning street athletics thieves, leading Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, spawned a franchise of sequels, each additional fantastical than the last. The primary film is comparatively grounded and focuses additional on the athletics part and also the cars concerned.

One such automobile was AN orange 1994 Toyota above MK IV. When his last automobile was destroyed by a rival race crew/criminal organization, surreptitious LAPD officer Brian O’Conner (Walker) has to bring Saint Dominic Toretto (Diesel) a “10-second” automobile. O’Conner delivers a particularly broken above to Toretto’s garage and also the 2 of them, with the remainder of the crew, endure to revive it, creating it quick enough to beat a Ferrari in a very race.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious car

Once the 2 men notice themselves at odds at the tip of the film, they need one final drag race, that ultimately results in the destruction of Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. however as they hear police sirens approaching, Brian puts their friendly relationship before his career and offers Dom the keys to his above thus he will escape. in a very post-credits scene, Dom is seen driving a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, not the above.

Due to Vin Diesel eager to create The Chronicles of Riddick rather than two quick 2 Furious, his getaway marks the top of his presence within the series till a anaglyph at the end of The quick and therefore the Furious: Tokyo Drift (or the start of quick & Furious, looking on if you’re exploitation world chronology or the one within the quick & Furious universe). therefore what happened to the Supra? the solution is during a optical disc further.

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Fast and Furious Vin Diesel and Paul Walker drag race in Charger and above The Turbo Charged Prelude for two quick 2 Furious could be a six minute short film directed by Philip G. Atwell (War) free on the “Tricked Out Edition” of The quick and therefore the Furious optical disc. It takes place between the primary motion-picture show and a pair of quick 2 Furious, giving viewers a glance at Brian O’Conner’s time on the run, winning street races for cash. whereas during a diner, Brian sees a header regarding Dom, that conjointly includes a line that indicates associate degree abandoned vehicle has been found.

Knowing that the police were when him and knew what he had been driving after the accìdent at the top of The quick and therefore the Furious, it is sensible for Dom to go away the above behind and acquire a replacement set of wheels, like that Chevelle from the post-credits sequence. The above might are quick, however he might solely run farewell before being noticed in such associate degree simply diagnosable automotive. The quick and therefore the Furious was simply the primary step in establishing the family that viewers have adult to like.

It ought to even be noted that Brian was driving a white 1995 Toyota above MK IV at the top of quick & Furious seven, as he and Dom drive down separate roads, sign the series farewell when the déath of Paul Walker. The above was solely on screen for a comparatively short quantity of your time, compared to the length of the series, however it absolutely was vital to establishing the connection of the 2 main characters. whereas the automotive itself was abandoned, the friendly relationship between them wasn’t.

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