The film production company Universal launches some new promotional posters for the upcoming movie Fast And Furious 9 featuring John Cena’s role in the movie. In the nineteen years, the fast and furious franchise has developed from a simple action-racing movie to a world-class action-adventure franchise about an alliance of extra-ordinarily skilled racers who protects the world from cybér-térròrists and mercénaries. The franchise’s cast has become old in the period of about 19 years, whether it be Dwayne JohnsonVin DìeselJason Statham, or late Paul Walker.

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Everything in this world has age and lifetime, including the franchise Fast & Furious, which will reportedly end with the final 10th installment set to release in 2021. Fast & Furious 9 would launch this year, and the movie will feature Dominic Toretto defending his family from an upcoming threat. The villain in the movie is probably not the character portrayed by John Cena as some users are speculating. Recently John Cena is included in the cast of the forthcoming movie, and some of the rumors are claiming that he may play a sort of antihéro role in the movie.  

Recently, some new posters officially released for the movie, and they introduce the movie’s characters played by Vin Dìesel as well as Cena. The poster also features some costars in the movie, including Michelle Rodriguez, Nathalie EmmanuelLudacris along with Jordana Brewster. These exciting and posters are making fans to much thrìlling about the film’s storyline, and the hype is getting ever broader and broader. The poster also features solo characters along with their respective vehicles that will be followed in the movie.

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It is very encouraging to see Brewster returning in the upcoming movie as other core characters of the original film are also joining in the movie’s cast. Brewer didn’t make an appearance in the 8th installment of the franchise because of Paul Walker, who portrayed Brian O’Connor, dìed during the production of Fast and Furious 7. Now sufficient time has passed away since he dìed, and it is now appropriate for her to show up in the upcoming film. She might be now feeling okay, and she will soon appear in the film along with Dom and his other teammates.

The new teaser of the Fast and Furious movie also teases that Dom, along with his family, has now started living a peaceful life along with his small kid named Brian. However, he will fìght back if anyone tries to thréaten his family and his adorable son. The téser téases a thréat coming for his family, and it could be the Cipher who also kìlled his original wife in the Fate of the Furious film. In this movie, it is being speculated that she might have a more action-packed performance at this time since, in the last film, she was pregnant, and in another, she pòrtrayed as a mother. It is also repòrtedly heard that a female writer is also hired for the scriptwriting for the movie. The movie might also feature the combined pòwer of women as the cast is made up mostly of women.

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