A few years ago, if you were to tell us that the Fast and Furious series would go on to become one of the most successful film franchises in the modern Hollywood landscape, we’re not sure that we would have believed you. The car racing franchise has gradually evolved beyond its street-level roots, and shows no fear of adapting to the changing of the times. As a result of that willingness to change (while still retaining a core theme of family) the Fast and Furious franchise has handily become a significant win for Universal.

Now, coming off the heels of the reasonably well-received (commercially as well as critically) release of Fate of the Furious, all eyes are on the ninth installment in this long-running franchise to continue its upward trajectory. We still have a way to go until Fast and Furious 9 hits theaters, but we have put together a handy guide to everything and anything that you need to know about the project — and we will endeavor to keep it up to date as new information becomes available. On that note, let’s dive in and talk about the status of this hotly anticipated sequel.

Vin Diesel As Dominic Toretto

As the actor with the longest connection to the Fast and Furious franchise, it stands to reason that Vin Diesel will once again return to the Fast fold to reprise his role as Dominic Toretto. Diesel briefly departed the series after the release of the first film to focus on other projects, but he subsequently returned for a cameo in Tokyo Drift before sharing hero duties with the late Paul Walker in 2009’s Fast and Furious. Now he stands as the leader of the crew, and it makes sense for him to return as long as the character is still around.

That said, some big changes are on the horizon for Dom as we move into the ninth installment in the franchise. Much of Fate of the Furious‘ story was predicated on Dom’s newfound fatherhood, and it stands to reason that we will see him continue adjusting to that life-changing event as he learns how to take care of Brian and provide for the rest of his adopted family.

michelle rodriguez letty

Michelle Rodriguez As Letty Toretto

Like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez briefly departed the Fast and Furious franchise for a few films during an arguably weaker era of the series. However, she returned with a vengeance in the sixth entry in the franchise, and she has remained by Dom’s side ever since — even through some genuinely bizarre amnesia. She pretty much goes wherever Dom goes, so we can likely expect her to return when the next installment in this franchise returns.

Having said that, there is still definitely a conceivable scenario in which Michelle Rodriguez might walk away from the franchise. The actress made headlines earlier this year when she called the series out for its lack of representation of female characters, and progress on that front could potentially play a significant role in whether or not she opts to come back. As of right now, it looks like she will return, but there’s a clear pathway to her merely choosing to walk away as well.

the rock luke hobbs

Dwayne Johnson As Luke Hobbs

A guy like Luke Hobbs is where things get a bit more interesting for the Fast and Furious franchise. Dwayne Johnson has become a secure fan-favorite member of the franchise ever since his initial introduction during the fifth installment. His presence gave the series the box office boost that it needed to keep moving, and he has remained a focal point ever since — even getting an expanded role with each passing film

That said, there’s also a clear pathway to him moving away from the core Fast and Furious franchise. With the announcement of a spinoff film for Hobbs and Shaw, Universal could continue to invest in the character while also keeping him relatively distant from Dom’s crew. Dwayne Johnson will definitely return as Hobbs in the future, but we are still waiting to see which films he will show up in.

Jason Statham Deckard Shaw

Jason Statham As Deckard Shaw

Out of all the characters currently running around in the Fast and Furious universe, Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw has arguably experienced the most substantial character arc in the shortest amount of time. Making his debut in the final moments of the sixth film (in which he brùtally mùrdered Han), the character went on to play the villain in Furious 7, and then become a reluctant teammate in Fate of the Furious.

Like Hobbs, Shaw is another character who could potentially stick to spinoffs for the foreseeable future. Statham has the box office clout to carry a film on his own (particularly if he’s alongside someone as big as The Rock), but he’s also a solid ensemble player who could fit in nicely with the main Fast crew. We do not know which films we will see him in, but he is going to play a significant role in this franchise moving forward.

Charlize Theron Cipher

Charlize Theron As Cipher

Charlize Theron made a notable impression on audiences as Cipher when Fate of the Furious debuted in April 2017, but it is clear that there’s more in store for the character than that single adventure. Escaping out of her plane with a parachute, the film ended with her mysteriously gone — thus setting up Dom’s eventual quest to hunt her down and get revenge for everything that she has done to him. It’s hard to imagine that Universal would actually allow the Cipher plot to go unresolved, so we have a feeling that the Oscar-winner is going to return to cap everything off. She’s arguably the most dangerous bad guy in the history of the franchise, so she needs to be dealt with.

Kurt Russell Mr. Nobody

Kurt Russel As Mr. Nobody

If the introduction of Luke Hobbs helped Dom’s crew eventually find their way to the right side of the law, then the introduction of Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody was what turned them into bonafide super spies. Nobody has easily become one of the most interesting and exciting characters in the entire Fast and Furious canon, and his involvement in the last two films has served as a catalyst for each story. Kurt Russell has not officially confirmed whether or not he will come back for the next movie, but if Nobody is still alive in the ever-expanding universe, then there’s a very good chance that he will show up.

Scott eastwood little nobody

Scott Eastwood As Little Nobody

Like Mr. Nobody, Scott Eastwood’s Little Nobody has helped continue the franchise’s push into the world of espionage and world-sized scope. However, unlike Mr. Nobody, Little Nobody still has a long way to go on his journey towards becoming a badass. The Fast and Furious franchise has been missing a true “rookie” character ever since Paul Walker passed away back in 2013, and in many ways, it feels like Little Nobody is shaping up to take the place of Brian O’Conner. He even drives the same type of Subaru in his Fate of the Furious missions. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Eastwood intends to return in the next film, but there’s a clear arc for his character that could potentially play out over the next two stories.

Tyrese Gibson Roman

Tyrese Gibson As Roman

As most of the characters on Dom’s crew have evolved to take on more functional roles that suit the increasing stakes of the franchise, Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce has remained delightfully stagnant in his abilities. Primarily serving as comic relief, Roman is handy with a gun but pretty worthless when it comes to anything involving technology (or heights). As we have already mentioned in this guide, Tyrese Gibson made waves recently when he called out The Rock and started a feud over the future of the franchise, but it does not look like he has any intention of going anywhere. Smart money would bet on Roman returning for the ninth film to flash his smile and flirt with everything in sight.

Ludacris  Tej

Ludacris As Tej

If Roman Pearce is a Fast and Furious character who has barely changed at all since his initial introduction, then Ludacris’ Tej Parker is the exact opposite. Initially starting off as little more than a street-level racer (like so many other characters in this universe), Tej has evolved into a world-class hacker who provides the team with all of their most invaluable tech support and gadgetry. His role has admittedly become somewhat redundant on the team now that Ramsey (arguably a superior hacker) is on-board, but as of right now there’s no reason to assume that Tej is not coming back to join his friends on their next adventure.

Nathalie Emmanuel As Ramsey

Nathalie Emmanuel As Ramsey

As one of the latest additions to the Fast and Furious crew (she made her debut in Furious 7) Nathalie Emmanuel has not been given too much to do as Ramsey yet as far as solo character arcs go. However, the tech genius continues to prove herself as a valuable member of the team, and there’s no reason to assume that the Game of Thrones alumni will not return for the ninth installment in this franchise. Besides, she is the only other woman on the crew besides Letty, and it is nice to have someone to offset the testosterone in these films now and then.

Sure, I love those guys. Anyone new? 

*takes a huge breath* JOOOOOOOOHN CENA!! And he’s playing *another huge breath* Dom Torretto’s brother?????? Okay. He’s a bad guy, which we know because in the trailer they get all in each other’s faces all angry and then one of them throws a car at the other one. 

And Cardi B????? Is also in it?????? Can’t wait for that. 

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What about Hobbs and/or Shaw?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became a fan favorite when his villain-turned-good-guy Luke Hobbs joined the family, and The Fate of the Furious gave us Deckard Shaw’s (Jason Statham) hilarious heel-to-face turn that involved fighting off a bunch of goons on a turbulent plane while keeping track of a baby carrier holding Dom’s infant son. But no one’s saying whether they’ll make an appearance in the next movie after their spin-off caper

What’s the plot?

It appears that Cipher has tracked down and employed Dom’s brother Jacob (Cena) to, I guess, kill Dom and his Fast Fam. There will also be, of course, driving and cars and many different around-the-world locations in which said cars will be driven. There will also be at least one (1) rocket engine attached to a car. 

Does that mean they’ll go to the moon??

The moon rumors have been flying ever since Fast & Furious ditched the banality of simple street racing and started adding submarines and torpedoes into the mix. There is literally no good reason why a Fast movie SHOULDN’T be set on the moon at this point, and writer Chris Morgan knows it, telling Entertainment Weekly that he would “never shoot down” an opportunity to shoot the Fast Fam into space. They already know how to slingshot their cars around cliffs, which, as everyone knows, is the first principle of rocket science. 

fast five

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