This is easily one of the dàrkest and most viòlent movies I’ve ever seen, and it’s non-stòp. Quick synòpsis, Paul Walker is a lower level grunt in an organized crìme group. He is tasked with getting rid of a gùn that was recently used to kìll several còps. Unfortunately, the gùn is stòlen by his sòns best friend, and Paul Walker must embark on a hòrrifying journey to find this “dirty gùn”, and must search through an evìl city full of crìme and sìn.

Notable cast as well, with Paul Walker, Vera Farmiga, Chazz Palminteri, and an absolutely ASTONISHING performance by Karen Roden.

I’d almost compare it to “Sìn City” but without the multiple storylìnes and stylìzed comic book style. Full of mùrder, tortùre, drùg dealers, hòòkers, if you like action/crìme movies that are DARK, you’re going to enjoy this film.
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